Spring 2017.

We had the great honor of being the feature charity at this year’s Bike to Work Day in Calgary. The event gave us great public exposure and raised some serious funds. Lonny Balbi the organizer donated $1 for every bike commuter participating in the ride. 6380 riders were counted. The largest numbers yet and resulted in a large donation to us from Lonny. Thanks so much. It has been directly used to send a container of bikes to Zanzibar.

On June 21 a team of 10 volunteers met to load our 11th container of bikes and our third to Zanzibar. They were really fast a within 2 hours we had loaded 378 bikes, 100 new mom maternity kits, 7 boxes of backpacks, 5 boxes of bike parts, over 100 spare wheels and tires, two bike trailers and many other items. They container was put of rail the following day for the Vancouver port. Here it was loaded on to a cargo ship which left for Zanzibar on June 30. It is expected to arrive mid October. Thanks to all that helped get this shipment sent!  We hope to be doing another one in late July bound for Malawi.

The container has arrived in Zanzibar!!!

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2017 fall collection is open! 

Here’s some locations you can drop off.

Arrival in Zanzibar, Sept. 2017